TikTokBot is also a software that helps you automate interactions and grow your TikTok following. One thing that could set them apart from competitors is their focus on real and authentic followers who will interact with your content. In addition to the common follows, unfollows, and likes, they can also perform a TikTok comment likes campaign.

How Does TikTokBot Work?

  1. The first step involves attracting new followers to your content by targeting people who are already interested in the topic and type of content you create.
  2. The second step includes interacting with them authentically, which promotes real engagement and helps to create a community that cares about your brand and the content you create
  3. Continue these interactions and create conversations and convert your new followers into leads. The goal is to grow your TikTok account without increasing your workload. TikTokBot will do all the heavy lifting and drive traffic so you can focus on creating more engaging content.

TikTok Bot Discount Code


  • Follow / Unfollow Campaigns
  • Like & Comment Like Campaigns
  • Target all of the followers of any competitor or account within your niche

Comment Liker

If you are looking for a bot to like comments, Look no further TikTokBot will be your best option.


TikTokBot is slightly above average when you compare their pricing to their competitors. It starts at $25 per week. Which is similar to what most TikTok growth services charge per week.




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Last Updated: May 22, 2022

By Colleen Armstrong