Text-To-Speech On TikTok

Text-To-Speech On TikTok

Plenty of TikTok users have been using TikTok's text-to-speech feature for some time now.  It can save you time by narrating your videos when you don't want to talk on camera.  The female text-to-speech voice has even been used in TikTok videos that went viral.

How To Use Text-To-Speech On TikTok

You can start by recording a TikTok video like usual and then add text to it before you post it.  You can find detailed instructions below.

  • Record a video and start uploading a post like you normally would.
  • During the editing step, add a text box.
  • Type the text out inside of the box.
  • Click on the box and choose the text to speech option.

What happened to the female text to speech voice on TikTok?

The original and very recognizable female voice was removed due to a lawsuit between ByteDance (Tiktok's creators) and Beverly Standing, the professional voice actor.   She has alleged that ByteDance used her work without paying her.

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