Ninjatok Features

NinjaTok is a software bot that will help automate actions like follows, unfollows, likes, and scheduling posts on TikTok. They are actually the least expensive tiktok bot on the market at just $28 per year (for one account). Five accounts costs $40 and the unlimited account license is $70 per year.

As you can see below, Ninjatok has more functionality than most of their competitors. They include automatic uploads, support proxies, and unique targeting options. The ability to automatically schedule uploads is the biggest feature that really makes Ninjatok unique.


Auto Follow Follow specific TikTok people in bulk using any TikTok tag search or import your own unique list.

Auto Unfollow

Users can be mass unfollowed in a variety of ways, including only those who don't follow you back or only those who were followed more than X days ago.

Auto Liker

Target videos by topic and like thousands of them in bulk with just a couple clicks.  Ninjatok also has the ability to monitor your feed or specific hashtags and like new videos as soon as they are published.

Superlikes This feature will help you like a number of your target users most recent videos (however many you specify).  This can help get their attention much better than liking a single video.

Audience Targeting Filters

Users can be filtered based on their number of followers, posts, likes, keywords in their bio, verified accounts, and other factors. Videos can be filtered by the number of views, likes, comments, age, and description.

Monitoring Monitor a hash tag search and then automatically like or follow new videos or users automatically. This ensures that you're only targeting active users!

Automatically Schedule Upload Schedule and upload videos from a folder on your PC automatically.

Keep Track Of Your Activity And Growth All usage information is recorded and graphed. Over time, determine which of your techniques is the most effective.

Running Ninjatok On A VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Ninjatok is a software bot so it needs to run on a Windows computer or VPS. If you plan to run a number of accounts you would be better off purchasing a small Windows VPS for around $10 per month that you can just RDP into. After you purchase it the vendor will send your password and login info. After logging in, its just like installing the software on a standard PC. The difference is that it will continue running 24/7 and not slow down your personal computer at all. My standard VPS was slowed down a little while running it, but I did have other programs running and could have also disabled the browser to help improve it.

Proxies For TikTok Bots Like NinjaTok

Proxies can be hit or miss when it comes to social media. Some are good for other uses, but when it comes to social networks, you need a high quality and dedicated proxy. Dedicated is a must if you value your accounts and want to keep them around for a while. I always recommend checking out buy proxies. You will just need to specify that you are using them on TikTok.


Overall, Ninjatok has a lot of features and offers more than competitors at a cheaper price. However, it was a bit slow and not as user friendly. Fueltok is competitor that is way more user friendly, easy to setup, and manage. I think Ninjatok fits a good place in the market for people who plan to run a lot of accounts to promote their main account. Similar to the mother child method on Instagram.

We always recommend you keep your main account(s) off of automation to keep them safe for the long term. You can use automation on other accounts to promote your main account. This is more expensive, but is the best and safest approach to social media automation these days.

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Last Updated: May 21, 2022

By Colleen Armstrong