HeartBeat is a marketplace that connects brands with their ideal customers by running influencer campaigns on TikTok and Instagram.

Their website claims they have over 300,000 millennial and gen-z creators, consumers, and nano influencers eager to start posting about your brand.

HeartBeat utilizes nano influencers (who often have 2-3K followers) because they typically have better engagement rates compared to influencers with larger followings. They also typically have a good connection with their audience, making them more likely to listen when they suggest a product or brand.

How It Works

  1. Invite + Acquire Turn your largest fans into ambassadors and leverage their network of influencers.
  2. Survey Then Qualify Utilize surveys to target the perfect audience more effectively than standard demographics.
  3. Engage & Activate Run influencer campaigns that leverage creators, consumers, and influencers who love your brand.

HeartBeat can also help you generate content for TikTok or come up with a plan to get users to generate content for you.

They provide both self service pay as you go campaigns and fully managed custom campaigns.


Last Updated: May 21, 2022

By Colleen Armstrong