How To Do The TikTok Beer Poster Trend [With Templates]

How To Do The TikTok Beer Poster Trend [With Templates]

⚠️ Viral TikTok Trend Alert

Lots of people have been playing around and editing their own photo into a fake beer advertisement. Who would've guessed, they are going viral on TikTok.

The below video and article will show you how to quickly create your own beer poster using a simple and free online video editor with pre made templates. It can be used on a computer or phone. (No need to download any app!)

TLDR Version - Detailed Instructions Below

  1. Open the free online video editor
  2. Choose your beer poster template
  3. Upload your photo
  4. Rearrange layers and resize images
  5. Erase the background of your photo
  6. Finish the layers, add some finishing touches, then export.
  7. Upload to TikTok and use the hashtag #beerpostertiktok

Step By Step Instructions: How To Do The Beer Poster Viral TikTok Trend

Step 1. Open The Free Online Video Editor

Sign up by email for the free version to remove their watermark. (It works without being signed in, but does include a watermark).

Step 2. Choose A Beer Poster Template From The List Below

Step 3. Upload Your Own Image

There will initially be an example photo in the background of the template. Start by deleting it. Then, select "Upload" to insert your own image from your camera roll or computer, or paste a social media link into the URL field.

Step 4. Resize, Rearrange, and Arrange Layers

Use the "Backward Button" to move your photo behind the other layers.

Step 5. Erase Your Background

Use the "Erase" tool to remove sections of the background as needed.

Step 6. Finalize Layering, Add Finishing Touches, Then Export

Make any other edits you want then select "Export" to download the finished image to your camera roll or computer.

Step 7. Post to TikTok with the hashtag #beerposter

Lastly, upload your video to TikTok with the #beerposter hashtag.

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